Income Strategies

May Rate Roundup: CDs, Money Markets and Mortgages

Yields on money markets and savings accounts remained pretty much stuck in May, but mortgage and home loan rates lurched higher. More 

Don’t Abandon Bonds in Your Quest for Higher Yield

As tempting as higher-yielding securities might be for fixed-income investors, they are in no way a replacement for bonds in the totality of your portfolio. More 

Low Rates Lock in Preferred Shares’ Allure

Investors looking for income should be able to comfortably hide out in preferreds for a good long while. More 

April Rate Roundup: CDs, Money Markets and Mortgages

April wasn't exactly the cruelest month for savers and lenders, but a sharp drop in interest rates didn't do them any favors. On the other side of the rate equation, it was a much better month to be a borrower. More 

Forget Gold — Buy TIPS for a True Safe Haven

Gold bugs the world over are lamenting the erosion of their "safe" asset. There's an important lesson for retirement investors -- stick to real safety with TIPS. More 

March Rate Roundup: CDs, Money Markets and Mortgages

A mid-month spike in benchmark Treasury yields and a heating-up housing market made for a mixed picture in terms of popular savings and loan products in March More 

2 Newer Names for Retirement Income

If you’re a retiree who needs income for living expenses, consider these new closed-end funds yielding more than 7%. More