Internet stocks

Google Glass Launch Pushed Back to 2014

Google's high tech glasses, Google Glass, won't hit store shelves until sometime next year. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 5S to Get 128GB Storage

Apple's new iPhone 5S will come in gold and offer up to 128GB of storage; Apple could debut TV product by November; and Apple anti-trust lawsuit dismissed. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Matcha Buy Hints at Apple TV Future

Apple purchased TV app in May; Carl Icahn buys $1 billion in Apple shares; and whole TV show seasons on iTunes are not always complete. More 

AOL CEO Fires Employee Mid-Conference Call for Snapping Pic

The creative director of AOL's Patch websites was fired on Friday after he tried to take a picture of the company's CEO during a conference call. More 

Amazon Planning Android Gaming Console in Time for Holidays

Internet retail giant Amazon will launch an Android-powered gaming console by the end of this year, according to GameInformer. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Retains Global PC Lead

Apple is the top global PC vendor if tablets are included; iPhone resale values higher than Samsung phones; and Creighton University gets an Apple Store. More 

Popular Whatsapp App Adds Voice Messaging

Whatsapp's mobile chat application now allows users to record and send voice messages. More