Internet stocks

Overstock to Continuously Match Amazon Book Prices

Discount online retailer Overstock says it will permanently monitor and match book prices from Amazon. More 

Qihoo Investors Can Keep Looking North

Qihoo 360 Technology (QIHU) is a momentum stock and should be treated with caution, but it's showing few signs that it's ready to escape its broader uptrend. More 

Google Glass Launch Pushed Back to 2014

Google's high tech glasses, Google Glass, won't hit store shelves until sometime next year. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 5S to Get 128GB Storage

Apple's new iPhone 5S will come in gold and offer up to 128GB of storage; Apple could debut TV product by November; and Apple anti-trust lawsuit dismissed. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Matcha Buy Hints at Apple TV Future

Apple purchased TV app in May; Carl Icahn buys $1 billion in Apple shares; and whole TV show seasons on iTunes are not always complete. More 

AOL CEO Fires Employee Mid-Conference Call for Snapping Pic

The creative director of AOL's Patch websites was fired on Friday after he tried to take a picture of the company's CEO during a conference call. More 

Amazon Planning Android Gaming Console in Time for Holidays

Internet retail giant Amazon will launch an Android-powered gaming console by the end of this year, according to GameInformer. More