Inverse ETFs

1 Stock to Buy, 1 Stock to Short: China ETFs

This yin-yang trend plays the same technical event in inverse ways, meaning you can choose to profit on the long or short side. More 

Play Abenomics with an Inverse ETF

The ProShares UltraShort Yen ETF (YCS) delivers twice the inverse of the dollar/yen trade, and it's a good pick to play Abe's plan to devalue yen while increasing the Bank of Japan's inflation targets. More 

Think Before You Act on QE Comments!

The Fed minutes suggesting and easing of the QE program led investors to pull out of the market, but most were just looking for a reason anyway, so stay tuned. More 

How to Hedge This Crowded Market

Euphoric investors, low VIX readings might be signaling a crowded market. Use one or both of these ETFs to hedge against a pending correction. More 

Attention Bond Bears — Opportunity Knocks

With equity volatility downright dormant so far this year, look to bonds for an appealing options play on TBT. More 

Volatility: Revere It, Don’t Fear It

Don't let volatility blindside you. Arm yourself with one of my top hedges to protect yourself against the downside. More 

4 Different Ways to Go for the Gold

Here are four ways to invest in gold from a number of different angles. Just watch out -- some are riskier than others. More 

Fading Apple-Mania Hits the Tech Sector Hard

One of the stock market's most beloved leaders is now a laggard. The mood has turned from optimism and euphoria to anxiety and fear and it's not going away More 

A DOG-ged Defense Against the Death Cross

While we're not there yet, we're close to a seeing a 'death cross' -- a bearish indicator we haven't seen in six decades. Be prepared before it happens. More 

Here is Why the S&P 500′s Yearly Highs May Hold

After an extreme second quarter that captured both this year's high price and low price, many investors are excited about the rest of the year's potential More