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BPT Shows Power of Royalty Trusts in a Dividend Portfolio

The biggest concern with royalty trusts is the threat of depletion. But for BP Prudhose Bay, that day look at least a couple years away. More 

Hold Off on Transocean for Now

Trends might point to a profitable future for Transocean, but investors will lose in the short-term with RIG's Justice Department settlement. More 

Don’t Invest in Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group might have a 5% yield, but that rate can't last for a company with no profits and spotty revenues. More 

Office Depot Is a Dud

Online retailers leave Office Depot in the dust, making ODP a bet that's too risky to take. More 

How Do I Avoid Taxes on my IRA?

InvestorPlace Editor Jeff Reeves answers a reader's question of how to avoid taxes on your IRA and explains the best strategies for cashing it out. More 

J.D. Power: Investment Firm Satisfaction

J.D. Power and Associates released its annual U.S. Full Service Investor Satisfaction Study ranking the top investment firms by investor satisfaction. More 

The Best Mutual Fund Manager May Be No Manager at All

"My portfolio has disappointed me lately so I want to move my money. Who is the best mutual fund manager?" This is a common gripe among retirement investors. More 

Penny Stocks: Low Volume Trumps Their Balance Sheets

Scant daily trading volume is a sure sign to investors to steer clear of a stock. It doesn't matter what the company's fundamentals may be. More 

Why Do Stocks Often Pop After a Spectacular Crash?

Why do bad stocks rally after a flop? Sure, sometimes it's because investors have changed their mind - but sometimes it's the dreaded short squeeze. More 

InvestorPlace Editor’s Best – and WORST – Q1 Stock Picks

To counter Wall Street's lack of transparency, Jeff Reeves reveals how his first-quarter picks fared -- both the good and the bad. More