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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) wowed the world with the iPhone, then did it again with its iPad tablet computer. The iPad is one of the most innovative technologies of the post PC world.

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Nickel Rashes Traced to iPads, Apple Devices

Nickel rashes are more common these days among those with nickel allergies due to iPads and other Apple devices that may contain nickel. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Developing Home Automation Hardware

Apple said to be working on connected-home products; Apple drops Aperature and iPhoto development; and Tim Cook appears at Gay Pride Parade. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Gets Optical Image Stabilization

Apple to add premium optical technology to its 5.5-inch iPhone 6; Apple hires Atlas Wearables engineer; and Costco is selling iPhones again. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Will Offer 128GB Version

Apple will release a 128GB version of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6; Product Red says Bono was just kidding; and Apple launches new 16GB iPod Touch. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Sept. 19 Launch for 32GB, 64GB iPhone 6 Models

Apple will release the iPhone 6 on Sept. 19; Bono says Apple doesn't promote (RED) enough; and European Commission to rule on Beats merger. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6 Production to Start in July

Foxconn is hiring 100,000 workers to make the iPhone 6; TouchID production is expanding; and Madrid's new Apple Store finally opens. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Settles Consumer E-Book Pricing Lawsuit

Apple reaches a settlement in a class-action suit over e-book pricing; Apple readying summer promotion; and Samsung could own Siri partner. More 

Apple Stock Has Gotten Too Far Ahead of Itself

Apple shares have surged on the company's plans to return more than $130 billion to shareholders. Investors, though, are demanding sustainable growth with better products. More