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ISSpresso: The Coffee Machine That Works in Space

A partnership between Italian companies and Italy's Space Agency has produced ISSpresso, a coffee-maker for the International Space Station. More 

Energy Stocks Set Their Sights on Iran’s Oil

With sanctions easing, Iran is making some moves to attract energy investment. The trio of E, TOT & SLB stock could be the major winners. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iWatch to Come in His and Hers Sizes

Apple's iWatch will come in two sizes, aimed at men and women; Italy probes Apple taxes; and Apple II DOS source code released. More 

5 Signs That Investors Just Can’t Get Enough Risk

Investors have displayed an insatiable appetite for higher-risk assets in recent weeks. What does this mean for the market as a whole? More 

Halftime Report for Global Markets: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Worried about the S&P 500's recent volatility? Well, if you look at the prospects of the rest of the world's stock markets, America might be the 'least bad' option. More 

Why Fashion Icons Dolce & Gabbana Are Facing Jail Time

The fashion duo behind Dolce & Gabbana could spend more than two years in jail over corporate tax evasion charges in Italy. More 

Cautious Optimism Is the Latest News From Europe

Europe is slowly coming back from the brink, and our analysis shows why the governments might finally be on the right track More