Don’t Plunge Into This Murky Market

With former leaders now a drag on the market, we could be in for range-bound trading. More 

Play it Safe for Now

Avoid aggressive buying until the market resolves a test of the late-September lows. More 

Why I Remain Skeptical of the Market’s Reversal

Weakness in former leaders and strength in defensive investments is not a good sign. More 

The Russell 2000’s Big, Red Warning Sign (IWM)

Active traders should look to short the iShares Russell 2000 Index (ETF) (IWM) after the small-cap index's breather. More 

Bulls Banking on a Double-Bottom

But it is too early to count on a trend change since there is significant resistance. More 

Stock Investors Bask In the Economic Slowdown Glow

Investors await a signal from the Fed on rate hikes while recent bond auctions provide little to literally no return for investors. More 

Market Approaching Critical Resistance

How it responds should tell us whether buyers are strong enough to push stocks to new highs. More