Tuesday Apple Rumors: Retina iPad Mini Launches Online

Retina iPad Mini goes on sale through Apple website; iPad and iPhone sales rise sharply in Japan; and Apple and Samsung return to court in California. More 

Play the Next Big Move in Japan With DXJ

Japanese stocks are trading like a coiled spring right now -- but rather than guess what way they'll bounce, traders can play DXJ options. More 

Toyota Profit Surges 70%

Toyota reported sharply higher quarterly profits, despite a slight dip in sales, due to a softer Japanese yen compared to the U.S. dollar. More 

Panasonic to Stop Producing Plasma TVs

Panasonic is reportedly preparing to end production of plasma TVs and sell its one factory making the TV sets. More 

Sorry, Boeing! Japan Airlines Just Ordered $9.5B Airbus Jets

Japan Airlines has struck a deal with Airbus to purchase 31 A350 jets, a move considered a blow to Boeing. More 

The Case to Short Japanese Bonds Lives

I lost money shorting Japanese bonds this year, and I'd do it again -- eventually, Japan's debts are going to prove too much. More 

Albert Edwards: Japan Much Bigger Story for Markets Than the Fed

Developments in Japanese economic policy "could accelerate the trend towards lower U.S. bond yields, whether or not the Fed tapers," says a Société Générale strategist. More