Friday Apple Rumors: 6-Inch iPhone Reportedly in Testing

Apple is reportedly testing larger-screen iPhones; court hits Apple with e-book injunction; and a Japanese carrier is expected to announce iPhone deal. More 

Scientists Discover Largest Volcano on Earth

The biggest volcano ever identified on Earth -- covering almost as much space as the state of New Mexico -- has been found deep under the Pacific Ocean. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: $199 iWatch to Debut in Late 2014

Apple will launch a $199 smartwatch in the second half of 2014; Apple to open a new Tokyo store next year; judge says external e-book monitor needed. More 

Add This to the List of Boeing 787 Glitches

A wiring fault was discovered on a Boeing 787 owned by All Nippon Airlines in Tokyo, prompting the recall of a Japan Airlines 787 already in the air. More 

Attention, U.S. Stock Investors: Turn Your Focus to the Yen

The Japanese yen has been a leading indicator for U.S. stock market performance so far in 2013. What is the yen telling us now? More 

The 5 Best ETFs in the World

A handful of international investments have been downright ugly, but a few locales have bred big profits. Here are the 5 best ETFs in the world for 2013. More 

Is the ‘Abe Trade’ Still in Play?

Japan's parliamentary elections further solidified Shinzo Abe's power and should keep the 'Abe Trade' alive for a while longer. But cover your behind. More