John Paulson

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Paulson Sitting on a Flaming Pile of Gold

Gold's thrashing on Monday was blamed on worries over Chinese growth, but it's far more plausible that hedgies were getting anxious about John Paulson and his gold hoard. More 

Citigroup to Withdraw $410M from Paulson Hedge Funds

Sources say that Citibank will withdraw $410 million from John Paulson's hedge funds after heavy losses last year and continuing declines this year. More 

Hedge Fund Darlings That Look Like ‘Sells’

Of the top 50 stocks held by hedge funds, these 14 are rated a “strong sell” by my technical parameters. More 

5 Head-Scratching Q1 Moves By Big-Time Money Managers

The 'smart money' doesn't always get it right. Here’s a look at five big-time money managers’ moves from Q1 that had me scratching my head. More 

Understanding an Anniversary We’d Prefer to Forget

The "flash crash" two-year anniversary has come and gone, and lessons learned can help you manage risks in your portfolio, and investment decision making. More 

Bridgewater’s Dalio the Top Manager in Town

Bridgewater Associate's Ray Dialio takes home the top prize, earning $3.9 billion in a difficult year for hedge fund managers. More 

Weak Earnings Today Could Unleash the Bulls Tomorrow

Everybody is hoping for a great earnings season when they should be rooting for a weaker showing. More