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Hot Topics in Presidential Debate III

Libya, Iran and China are among the touchy issues for Monday night's third and final square-off between the candidates. Here's how it could shake out. More 

Markets Are Playing a Global Game of Crisis Whack-a-Mole

Spain, China, oil ... as soon as one crisis recedes from the headlines, another threat to the market and economy boils up. More 

Standard Chartered NY Banking License Threatened

U.S. regulators have accused Chartered Financial of concealing transactions with Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions and threatened to pull its banking license. More 

Why $100 Oil Is the New $80

Political instability in the Mideast will continue to add a premium of around $20 per barrel to what oil prices would be based on supply and demand. More 

Daily Oil News: France May Release Strategic Oil Reserves

Releasing oil reserves could help stabilize crude's market value -- France's announcement may mitigate greater anxiety about the unstable oil economy. More 

Italian Energy Company Pays Bigger Dividend than Exxon

An Italian energy giant with an even larger payout than Exxon Mobil, this European blue chip is ripe for the picking. More 

Readers’ Choice: Top Market Stories of 2011

The votes are in. Here's how readers ranked the year's biggest market-moving news headlines of 2011. More