Monday Apple Rumors: Icahn Quits Push for Bigger Apple Share Buyback

Carl Icahn has dropped a proposal to pressure Apple to buy back more stock; Samsung new trial request denied; and LinkedIn kills iPhone email feature. More 

3 Factors Weighing Down Social Stocks in 2014

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LNKD Stock Is Holding on to Thinning Technical Support

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Is it Time to Log Off LinkedIn Stock?

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LNKD: LinkedIn Stock Tumbles on Weak Outlook

LinkedIn stock (LNKD) is down 6% pre-market after the online business resume and networking site reported a weaker revenue outlook than analysts expected. More 

TWTR: Twitter Has a Popularity Problem

Twitter's Q4 earnings report shows that profits aren't the problem now -- lackluster growth in users is. And that's a serious threat to TWTR stock. More 

SOCL Could Get Unfriendly For Investors

SOCL managed to gain 50% in the past month, but it has been a very bumpy ride for investors. Here's why you might want to avoid the ETF for now. More