IKEA Kicks Off Test Selling Solar Panels for Homes

IKEA stores in Britain will soon carry solar panels produced by a Chinese manufacturer for home installation. More 

3 Companies’ 9/11 Advertising Fails

AT&T, Marriott International and 'Esquire' all received backlash from poor 9/11 advertising. Companies apologize via Twitter. More 

Blackstone Reserves a Hilton IPO

The Hilton IPO is nigh -- Hilton Worldwide has filed for an offering, hoping to join in the success of its hotel industry brethren. More 

NYC’s 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

PRNewswire has released a list of the most expensive hotel suites in New York City. The most expensive suit cost $40,000 per night. More 

Marriott Nears Deal to Sell 3 Hotels for $800M

Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Marriott is close to a deal with an Abu Dhabi investment fund to buy three new hotels. More 

Travelers Beware as Hotels Amp Up Add-On Fees

Hotels in the United States are expected to make $2.1 billion in fees and surcharges this year, which is up from the $2 billion collected in 2012. More 

YuMe Leads This Week’s Slate of 10 Planned IPOs

Cloud operators MiX Telematics and Cvent could be some of the hottest transactions among this week's 10 planned IPOs. More