Woman to Be Evicted From Marriott Hotel After 9-Year-Stay

A woman on disability benefits has been evicted from a Racine, Wisconsin, Marriott hotel after running up an unpaid $29,000 bill over nine years. More 

IKEA Kicks Off Test Selling Solar Panels for Homes

IKEA stores in Britain will soon carry solar panels produced by a Chinese manufacturer for home installation. More 

3 Companies’ 9/11 Advertising Fails

AT&T, Marriott International and 'Esquire' all received backlash from poor 9/11 advertising. Companies apologize via Twitter. More 

Blackstone Reserves a Hilton IPO

The Hilton IPO is nigh -- Hilton Worldwide has filed for an offering, hoping to join in the success of its hotel industry brethren. More 

NYC’s 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

PRNewswire has released a list of the most expensive hotel suites in New York City. The most expensive suit cost $40,000 per night. More 

Marriott Nears Deal to Sell 3 Hotels for $800M

Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Marriott is close to a deal with an Abu Dhabi investment fund to buy three new hotels. More 

Travelers Beware as Hotels Amp Up Add-On Fees

Hotels in the United States are expected to make $2.1 billion in fees and surcharges this year, which is up from the $2 billion collected in 2012. More