Market Analysis

Major Breakout Could Take the Dow to 17,800

The industrials are within 45 points of triggering a new Dow Theory buy signal. More 

Is It Time to Get Going Into Cash?

Recent moves by a range of investment firms suggests a move away from stocks and into cash. Not me; I'm still bullish, and don't see any major bumps right now More 

The Single Most Important Chart for Long-Term Investors

Since 1999, a buy-and-hold strategy has produced some astounding results for traders who followed this chart. More 

Ready, Aim, Bargain Hunt

Those with a good risk tolerance should use the current weakness to buy high-quality, oversold stocks. More 

Cautiously Pick the Low-Hanging Fruit

Our internal indicators are grossly oversold, so it is time to take a modest risk. More 

Choppy Market Testing Traders’ Patience

A resolution is likely coming soon, but it's important to wait for a valid signal. More 

Markets are Working Through the Froth

The weather has played some havoc on the economy, and the market reflected the news with uneven moves; look to 2014 gains to be back-end loaded More