Market Analysis

Markets are Working Through the Froth

The weather has played some havoc on the economy, and the market reflected the news with uneven moves; look to 2014 gains to be back-end loaded More 

Buy Biotech’s Burst Bubble… Just Not Quite Yet

Delay purchases unless several strong days of selling drive it to its 200-day moving average. More 

Stick to Buying on Weakness Unless This Happens

If the S&P 500 and Nasdaq don't experience a breakdown, don't jump the gun. More 

Market’s Weakness Not a Cause for Concern

The minor bearish occurrences took place on an unpredictable quadruple witching day. More 

Take Sharper Aim in This Neutral Market

Broad commitments should be set aside in favor of buying specific outperformers. More 

Sell These Instruments of Destruction Now

For those tenacious holders of bonds and bond funds, now is the time to exit. More 

Nasdaq, Russell 2000 Within a Whisker of a Breakout

Tuesday's most positive development was the strength of the small- and mid-cap stocks. More