Basic Materials Stocks

First-Half Sector Winners Offer a Hint of What’s to Come

Financials, healthcare and consumer discretionary stocks are sheltered from both China's economic weakness and rising bond yields, which bodes well for their second-half outlook. More 

Bull’s Eye Report: Texas Industries (TXI)

TXI is best-in-class of construction materials stocks, and it's easy to trade--it doesn't tend to make surprise moves out of the blue. More 

Steel Stocks Starting to Show Their Mettle

The SLX steel fund has generated a hat trick of bullish signals. However, traders would be best off showing their bullishness through outperforming Nucor. More 

Is Global Growth Really Back on Track?

The rotation toward cyclical stocks would indicate that the global growth outlook is improving, but that's not the case. How long can cyclicals outpace defensive stocks if global growth continues to slow? More 

Materials’ Recent Surge Won’t Stick

XLB faces a persistent ceiling at $40; another failure will make these bear call spreads pan out. More 

What Materials Stocks Reveal About the Rest of the Market

The Materials ETF (XLB) is approaching a 52-week high. Find out what the sector's next moves will reveal about market leadership and the outlook for economic growth. More 

Dr. Copper Catches the Flu

The heavy pressure on copper prices doesn't say anything reassuring about the global economic picture and signals that right now, defense might be the best offense. More 

13 Must-See Charts for April

The stock market has been going up for months, but there still is an abundance of fresh trading ideas as we move into April -- especially in these sectors. More 

Don’t Shun Every Last Materials Stock

While many of the bigger metals and mining stocks remain under pressure, a number of smaller, more specialized materials stocks are starting to turn around. More 

Hot Cement Stocks Starting to Show Cracks

Cement stocks Texas Industries and Eagle Materials have unsurprisingly exploded along with the rest of homebuilders, but there's little gas left in the bull case. More