McDonald’s (MCD) Plans Switch to Cage-Free Eggs

McDonald's will be switching to cage-free eggs in the U.S. and Canada in the next 10 years as it becomes more transparent with its food. More 

A Closer Look at the NLRB’s Recent Ruling

The NLRB's recent ruling means companies must own up to joint-employer status over contract workers, raising questions about the future of franchises and the nature of employer accountability. More 

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Begins Oct. 6

McDonald's will start serving all-day breakfast on Oct. 6 in stores across the United States and will be helping franchisees in the change. More 

All-Day Breakfast Will Not Drive McDonald’s Stock Up (MCD)

McDonald's stock has been beaten up over the last few years, but despite managements optimistic views on the all-day breakfast offering, investors shouldn't rush to buy MCD. More 

McDonald’s McMuffin to Drop Liquid Margarine, Add Real Butter

The McDonald’s McMuffin recipe is changing as the company will switch from using liquid margarine to real butter. More 

Denny’s Offers to Join Burger King in ‘Peace Burger’

Denny's is offering to take McDonald's place in Burger King's 'Peace Burger' by combining the Whopper with its own Slamburger. More 

McDonald’s, Tyson Cut Ties With Abusive Chicken Farmer

McDonald's and its supplier have cut ties with a chicken farmer who implements abusive practices in his farm. More