Media Stocks

The Boston Globe Is Sold for a Song

The New York Times Company has agreed to sell the Boston Globe to the owner of the Boston Red Sox for $70 million, 93% less than it paid for the paper. More 

TWC Customers Miss Top Shows as CBS Blackout Continues

Time Warner Cable's blackout of CBS channels could continue for weeks as the companies wrangle of broadcast fees. More 

Sorry Google, People Don’t Want Local News

Google Now is adding a hyper-local news service -- a head-scratching decision considering countless similar ventures by other companies have failed. More 

Senate Bill Wants to Force a La Carte Cable Programming

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and John McCain are backing a bill that would permit pay TV services to offer a la carte programming options. More 

The Funny Thing About Newspaper Stocks

The more people deride newspapers as “irrelevant” or destined for the scrapheap, the better newspaper stocks perform. More 

Chipotle Twitter Hack Was Not What It Appeared

Chipotle Mexican Grill posted fake messages on its Twitter account on Sunday as part of its 20th anniversary promotion. More 

AT&T to Help Disney Better Cell Reception in Parks

Disney has named AT&T as the official provider of wireless service at its Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts. More