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Energy Stocks Set Their Sights on Iran’s Oil

With sanctions easing, Iran is making some moves to attract energy investment. The trio of E, TOT & SLB stock could be the major winners. More 

Buy Oil Stocks on the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Crude oil and energy stocks fell hard on the news of the agreement. However, that's a prime buying opportunity for long-term investors. More 

Mystery Mideast Buyer Wants to Buy Empire State Building

An unnamed group of Middle Eastern investors has made a $2.1 billion bid for New York City's Empire State Building. More 

The Big Business of KFC Chicken Smuggling

A company based on Gaza smuggles KFC fast food from Egypt through underground tunnels bypassing the Israeli blockade. More 

Where Are the World’s Best Market Returns?

So far this year, Ghana has rocketed to eye-popping returns. Of course, there are other promising -- and a bit more developed -- markets out there too. More 

Hot Topics in Presidential Debate III

Libya, Iran and China are among the touchy issues for Monday night's third and final square-off between the candidates. Here's how it could shake out. More 

Markets Are Playing a Global Game of Crisis Whack-a-Mole

Spain, China, oil ... as soon as one crisis recedes from the headlines, another threat to the market and economy boils up. More