Middle East

MuslimRage Hashtag ‘Hijacked’ by Tweeters

Newsweek created the hashtag MuslimRage to promote a cover story last week. The response, though, was probably not was it was expecting. More 

Frontier-Market Index Gives Way to New ETF

A few months ago, MSCI launched an index of 100 'frontier' market companies. Now, investors can cash in on those names by investing in the corresponding ETF. More 

Can One Film Really Jolt Energy Prices This Much?

The latest Middle East unrest sparked by "The Innocence of Islam" are a reminder of the region's continuous ability to keep upward pressure on energy prices. More 

Frontier Markets: The New Emerging Markets?

The global slowdown has places like Vietnam, Turkey and Colombia looking more attractive. And they could actually help take some risk out of your portfolio. More 

Why $100 Oil Is the New $80

Political instability in the Mideast will continue to add a premium of around $20 per barrel to what oil prices would be based on supply and demand. More 

Daily Oil News: BP Claims U.S. Covered Up 2010 Spill

Oil giant claims U.S. is withholding evidence -- and maintains the federal government covered up over 80,000 industrial intelligence documents. More 

Daily Oil News: PetroChina Tops Exxon in Crude Production

The Chinese state-owned energy company PetroChina outpumped Exxon last year -- exceeding its daily production by 100,000 barrels. More