Middle East

Daily Oil News: France May Release Strategic Oil Reserves

Releasing oil reserves could help stabilize crude's market value -- France's announcement may mitigate greater anxiety about the unstable oil economy. More 

Daily Oil News: Crude Futures Rise Following Bernanke Remarks

Ben Bernanke recently hinted that the Federal Reserve will be maintaining low interest rates -- sparking optimism around oil investments. More 

Got Nerve? Israel Has Plenty to Offer

A resilient economy and a focus on innovation are strong lures. And more Israel-based companies are listed on the Nasdaq than any other country except the U.S. More 

Oil Breaks $110 After Saudi Pipeline Breach

Diplomatic tensions further drive crude's market price; a standoff between Iran and Saudi Arabia is causing market volatility and a rise in Brent crude value. More 

Will Obama Open the Strategic Oil Reserve?

Rising prices and economic pressure -- plus party politics -- may force the president's hand as tensions with Iran keep oil prices on the rise. More 

5 Reasons You’ll See $5 Gasoline in 2012

Geopolitical unrest across Africa as well as the Mideast leaves pump prices nowhere to go but up. More 

Rising Possibility of Military Strike on Iran

Israel and U.S. reportedly differ on the possibility of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities pushing tensions and oil prices higher. More