Mitt Romney

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Scott Brown, Tagg Romney Not Running for Kerry Senate Seat

Both Scott Brown and Tagg Romney have announced that they will not seek election to John Kerry's Senate seat, vacated when Kerry became Secretary of State. More 

Romney Back On Marriott International Board

Mitt Romney has rejoined the board of directors for Marriott International, where he had previously served from 1993-2002 and 2009-2011. More 

Romney, Obama Do Lunch

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney met for lunch today, fulfilling a promise the president made after defeating the Republican candidate for the presidency. More 

Post-Campaign Mitt Romney Spotted at Gas Station

Mitt Romney was spotted buying gasoline at a California gas station this week, looking a little rumpled in a photo posted on Reddit. More 

Romney’s Theory on Why He Lost Election

Mitt Romney said in a call to donors yesterday that he lost the election because Obama provided "gifts" to minority voters and painted him as anti-immigrant. More 

Could Romney Join Obama Cabinet?

Some political pundits have suggested that Barack Obama should add Mitt Romney to his cabinet for his second presidential term. More 

Top Celebrity Tweets & Posts on Election 2012

Election 2012 saw the stars come out and flock to social media to express support for their candidates and urge people to vote. More