Large-Cap Stocks Are Fueling the Market’s Momentum

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3 Dividend Stocks That Keep Upping the Ante

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Microsoft (MSFT) Delays Xbox One Launch in China

Microsoft has announced that it's delaying the launch of the Xbox One in China from September 23 to sometime later this year. More 

Hottest Technology Stocks Now – WDAY AWAY MSFT CSOD

Technology stocks declined broadly on Wall Street on Friday, with the sector seeing an overall decline of 0.6%. More 

Burgers & Software Lead 8 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

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Microsoft Layoffs: MSFT to Cut 2,100 More Jobs Today

The Microsoft Layoffs continue to come as the company announced 2,100 more job cuts today. Over 700 of these are in the Seattle area. More 

Microsoft (MSFT) Offers a Double Dose of Good News

Microsoft has announced board changes as well as a dividend increase. More 

Microsoft (MSFT) Recognized for Social Software Leadership

Microsoft has been recognized by Gartner as a social software leader. More 

Microsoft Announces MSFT Dividend Increase of 11%

Microsoft has announced a dividend increase of 11%, which brings the quarterly payout to 32 cents, or 3 cents over last quarter's dividend. More