EA Debuts New ‘Need for Speed’ Trailer

Electronic Arts Inc. has released a new 'Need for Speed' trailer that shows little of gameplay, but promises a Fall 2015 release. More 

Bill Gates’ Book Picks: 7 Must-Reads for Summer 2015

Bill Gates just revealed his must-read books for the summer. The list includes a Richard Dawkins classic. More 

Xbox One TV Tuner Now Available in US

An Xbox One TV tuner is now available in the United States. The device offers live TV via an over-the-air antenna. More 

3 Breakthrough Tech Stocks to Buy Now

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The 15 Highest-Paid CEOs of 2014

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5 New Stocks on Tap – And No Biotechs

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Microsoft: No Free Windows 10 Upgrade for Pirated Versions

Microsoft Corporation won't be offering a free Windows 10 upgrade for pirated software, but it will offer paid upgrades. More 

Windows Apps: Microsoft’s iOS and Android Windows 10 Gamble

With iOS and Android apps on Windows 10 mobile, will that kill off native Windows apps and make quality the problem instead of quantity? More 

Buy Into a Constructive Change in MSFT With a Long Call

An intermediate-term long call strategy on MSFT fits in nicely with Microsoft's new and improved prospects on and off the charts. More 

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Trailer, Release Date, Highlights

The first trailer for 'Assassin's Creed Syndicate' has been revealed and the game will be released on Ps4, Xbox One and PC October 23, 2015. More