Netflix Set to Raise Prices for New Members

Netflix is looking to raise subscription prices for new members sometime within the next three months. NFLX stock is up Monday. More 

Netflix Gives Official Thumbs Down to Comcast-TWC Deal

Netflix has made it public that the company is opposing the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger as the combined company would have too much power. More 

NFLX Stock: 2 Options Trades for a Potentially Powerful Move

Speculative investors are anticipating a rally in NFLX stock, and that could come after the Netflix earnings report. You can trade with 'em, or against 'em. More 

The Next Big Move in NFLX Stock? Look Toward Earnings

After a great start to 2014, Netflix has made a significant mean-reversion move lower. But now, we're near an area off which NFLX stock could bounce back. More 

What Is 4K TV? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

What is 4K TV? The future of high-resolution television is here with 4K TV which offers TV in cinematic resolution right to your home. More 

NFLX: Netflix Just Started 4K TV Streaming

Netflix just started streaming 'House of Cards' and a couple of nature documentaries on 4K TV. NFLX stock is up over 2% Wednesday. More 

NFLX: New Price Target Set for Netflix Stock

Analysts at Oppenheimer have upgraded their rating for Netflix stock from "Market Perform" to "Outperform" and set a $419 per share price target for NFLX. More