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Johnson & Johnson Is One Must Own Dividend Stock

Johnson & Johnson has delivered steady dividend increases for the last 50 years, a track record that makes it a stalwart for dividend portfolios More 

Large Techs Falter While Innovators Soar

The smart money is reallocating funds from tech to faster-growing companies with more unique products. More 

Novartis Loses Important Patent Battle

A long-running battle by Novartis to gain a patent for an updated cancer drug in India has been struck down by the country's supreme court. More 

Novartis Drug Shows Success With Plaque Psorasis

Novartis said that a new drug reduced moderate-to-severe symptoms in people suffering from plaque psoriasis nearly three times compared to a placebo in tests. More 

Biotech’s Regeneron Is a New Game Changer Buy

Biotech's Regeneron is a strong buy based on its existing Eylea drug for macular degeneration, but the company also has a solid pipeline of products. More 

Pfizer is Still a Pharmaceutical-Giant Buy

Despite a slowdown in sales as Lipitor becomes a generic drug, pharma giant Pfizer is still a very good buy, and a great play for your portfolio. More 

Are Pharma’s ‘Good Old Days’ Gone Forever?

You bet they are: Patent losses, a higher bar for FDA approvals, and slew of smaller, nimbler rivals have reshaped the industry. More