Vivendi Considers Splitting Into Two Companies

French conglomerate Vivendi will study plans to split its media and telecommunications units as it restructures the company. More 

Pizza Hut to Hand Out 5,500 Free Slices for NFL Kickoff

This Sunday, Pizza Hut will dispense free pizza slices in New York's Times Square to celebrate the start of the professional football season. More 

Daniel Loeb: Disney’s In, Virgin Media’s Out

What were the big moves for Daniel Loeb's Third Point LLC? New positions in DIS and KO while dropping out of VMED and CIM. More 

Look Out ESPN! New Fox Sports Channel to Debut Saturday

Cable and satellite providers will deliver the new Fox Sports channel to 90 million U.S. homes starting on Saturday. More 

Time Warner Blackout Doesn’t Dent CBS Ratings

Despite a blackout of its channels by Time Warner Cable, CBS TV shows still topped national prime time rankings last week. More 

Senate Bill Wants to Force a La Carte Cable Programming

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and John McCain are backing a bill that would permit pay TV services to offer a la carte programming options. More 

The Funny Thing About Newspaper Stocks

The more people deride newspapers as “irrelevant” or destined for the scrapheap, the better newspaper stocks perform. More