Time Warner Blackout Doesn’t Dent CBS Ratings

Despite a blackout of its channels by Time Warner Cable, CBS TV shows still topped national prime time rankings last week. More 

Senate Bill Wants to Force a La Carte Cable Programming

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and John McCain are backing a bill that would permit pay TV services to offer a la carte programming options. More 

The Funny Thing About Newspaper Stocks

The more people deride newspapers as “irrelevant” or destined for the scrapheap, the better newspaper stocks perform. More 

5 Indicted in $300M Credit Card Fraud Spree

Federal prosecutors have charged five men for credit card fraud that has cost companies $300 million. Two of the men are currently in custody. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 5S Launch Supply Constrained

Production issues could mean fewer iPhone 5S units available at launch time; Apple is working on TV ad-skipping technology; and LG Display looks beyond Apple. More 

Jenny McCarthy to Join Cast of ‘The View’

Former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy has been named a panelist on ABC's "The View" program, starting this fall. More 

Sorry Guys, Hulu’s Not for Sale Anymore

Disney, Fox and NBCUniversal announced that they were taking Hulu off the selling block, putting an end to a months-long bidding war for the online streaming company. More