10 Things You Need To Know Before Monday’s Opening Bell

Here's what you need to know. Markets were mostly down worldwide, and the Congress is still gridlocked on an answer to the budget and debt ceiling issues More 

Dividends Back at New York Times Co.

The New York Times Company will pay its first quarterly dividend in five years on October 24. More 

Washington Post, CNN Websites Hacked

The Washington Post's website was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army on Thursday. Other news sites like 'Time' and CNN were hacked as well. More 

New York Times Website Goes Down

The New York Times' news and corporate websites, as well as the company's mobile apps, went down for about two hours on Wednesday. More 

Henry Blodget Is Dead Wrong About Journalism

The Business Insider honcho loves to cherry-pick data to support his thesis, but strong results from The New York Times is no reason to sound the all-clear. In fact, we're seeing some dire warnings about the future of news-gathering. More 

The Boston Globe Is Sold for a Song

The New York Times Company has agreed to sell the Boston Globe to the owner of the Boston Red Sox for $70 million, 93% less than it paid for the paper. More 

The Funny Thing About Newspaper Stocks

The more people deride newspapers as “irrelevant” or destined for the scrapheap, the better newspaper stocks perform. More