Obamacare News: Employer Mandate Delayed for Another Year

The Obama Administration has delayed the implementation of Obamacare mandates for business with between 50 and 100 workers for another year. More 

Obama to Sign Farm Bill That Cuts Food Stamps

On Friday, President Barack Obama will sign a compromise farm bill that was delayed for two years by partisan congressional bickering. More 

Obamacare Enrollment Deadline Postponed … by One Day

Administration officials say that the deadline for Obamacare enrollment has been unofficially extended through Tuesday. More 

Enrollment Alert: Obamacare Signup Deadline Is Today

Monday is the Obamacare signup deadline for individuals to obtain insurance coverage and avoid penalties, though some exemptions will be allowed. More 

U.S. Includes Gay Athletes in Russian Olympics Delegation

The U.S. will include several openly gay athletes and no senior officials in its delegation to the opening games of the Winter Olympics in Russia. More 

White House Claims Healthcare.gov Glitches Fixed

The Obama administration says that the performance of Healthcare.gov, the federal insurance exchange website, has improved greatly since October. More 

Obama Pivots Towards Immigration Reform

Obama's attempts to turn attention away from the HealthCare.gov roll out hit a snag, as protestors claimed he hasn't done enough to reform immigration. More