Options Spread

Use a Butterfly Spread to Catch NFLX Stock

The quick money has been made thanks to the 16% surge in NFLX stock yesterday. But this butterfly spread only needs Netflix to slowly melt up from here. More 

Make a Guarded Bull Play on GMCR Stock Before Earnings

Green Mountain reports at the end of February, but you only need GMCR stock to hold out a week for this credit spread to pay off. More 

GDX: Ugly Gold Miners Starting to Look More Attractive

Things have gotten SO bad for gold miners and the GDX ETF that the inner contrarian you should start to perk up. Here's one potential options trade. More 

Trade DG Stock While Consumers Continue to Struggle

The economy isn't improving quickly enough to hinder Dollar General, so consider these February credit spreads to profit on a stable or rising DG stock. More 

TWTR Stock: Protect Yourself From the Next Best Buy

Option collars provide iron-clad protection into earnings so you don't end up biting it like BBY investors did. Use this TWTR trade as an example. More 

ADSK Stock: Put the Spread on Smoothly Surging Autodesk

Autodesk's consistent march north has come on acquisitions and strong performance -- and that should be enough to keep ADSK stock trudging ahead in coming months. More 

Visa Stock: Trade It for Credit

Exploit Visa's slightly overpriced options and sturdy technical support with this put credit spread idea on Visa stock. More