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Platinum Prices Surge on Supply Worries

A lingering mine strike in South Africa and sanctions against Russia could restrict the global platinum supply, pushing platinum prices higher. More 

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Platinum Prices Overtake Gold at Last

Platinum prices moved past those of gold for the first time since March 2012 and it should continue to rise on global demand for the metal. More 

Useless Gold Overtakes Platinum

Platinum prices increased last year, however the price of gold has once again surpassed the white metal. More 

Converting Your Gold Into Income

Gold is being bought and sold as a financial solution to everything, but the reality is that it does not produce income. More 

3 Hard Assets That Could Outshine Gold

Investors looking to diversify or hedge against inflation shouldn't overlook palladium, silver or platinum. Like gold, they're winners. More 

2 Metals to Hedge Against Inflation

If you’re a true inflation worrier, platinum and “poor man’s gold” may be just what your portfolio needs. More