Put Options

PCLN Stock – Low-Risk Options, High-Premium Payments

Naked puts allow you to enjoy a fixed premium with less risk exposure if you use strikes that are way out-of-the-money. Here's one such play on PCLN stock. More 

Stuff Some GOOG Options In Your Stocking

Ever since Google handily beat earnings back in October, GOOG stock has been on quite the run. Now, technical support is making the case for this options trade. More 

TLT Options – Bye Bye, Bonds!

With the volatile long-term bond fund TLT now slipping back below its 50-day MA, it’s a good bet the bear market is back on. Get bearish via these TLT options. More 

How to Make Better Naked Puts

These guidelines for selling naked puts will make sure you're targeting the right stocks, and getting all the return you can. More 

Fade the Fear With VXX Puts

The case for capitulation in the current selloff is starting to be made. Months-ahead puts on the VXX are one way to take advantage of an eventual ease in fear. More 

Your Core Portfolio: Swing Trades and Options

If you're planning for retirement, remember that a small allocation to swing trades and options can lift your long-term diversified portfolio. More 

Fade the Fear With a Short Put on EEM

Traders afraid to chase the EEM into the stratosphere will be happy to know the ongoing stock drop has brought the fund back to more reasonable levels for entry. More