Real America Index

Texas’ Exxon Mobil — Leading the Energy Rush

From its days as Standard Oil, Texas' Exxon Mobil (XOM) has grown into a monster of the industry. And it has no plans of stopping. More 

Virginia’s General Dynamics — A Big Gun in Defense

West Falls Church, Va.-based General Dynamics (GD), a symbol of American military might, is establishing itself as a global force. More 

Washington’s Microsoft — A Home-Grown Tech Giant

Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft revolutionized the software industry, and has grown to become a technological titan. More 

Iowa’s Heartland Express — When Shippers Need Trucks

Nearly 3.5 million Americans make their living behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer, and Heartland Express is one of the top truckers on Wall Street. This company represents a key transportation segment and is a great benchmark of the American economy since it rises and falls on the volume of goods moving on U.S. roads. More 

Hawaii’s Hawaiian Holdings — No Better Way to Visit the Aloha State

With tourism generating about 25% of Hawaii’s revenue, the parent of Hawaiian airlines is a perfect representative of the Aloha State in the Real America Index. Hawaiian Holdings is also a good proxy for consumer discretionary spending across the U.S. More 

Idaho’s Micron Technology — Its Chips Are No Small Potatoes

While Idaho is responsible for a third of all the potatoes produced in the U.S., even more impressive is that Boise-based Micron Technology produces about 2.3% of semiconductors sold worldwide -- to the tune of nearly $8.4 billion. Micron Technology is representative of Idaho's high-tech industry and the importance of the semiconductor sector in the U.S. economy. More 

D.C.’s Washington Post — A Political Print Icon

The Washington Post Co. is best known as the parent of our capital’s largest newspaper. But beyond the newsroom’s 47 Pulitzer Prize awards, the parent company has an important role in the for-profit education sector via its Kaplan education business. More