Dire Warning: Risk of Global Recession Is Alarmingly High

The IMF's latest World Outlook Report is very gloomy -- with significant slowdowns being predicted for most regions. Here's more on its grim forecast. More 

U.S. Births Fall for Fourth Straight Year

Last year's drop of 1% is actually a lot less than in prior years. Still, the birth rate declined across all demographic groups. More 

Why Aren’t Unmarried Women Working?

Labor participation for women -- especially single women -- actually began dropping before the crisis, leaving many people unsure why. Here are a few ideas. More 

Plastic’s Problem: Falling Credit Card Debt

Investors all around have been pretty bullish on credit-card companies as of late. There’s plenty of reasons behind their success, but one of the biggest drivers is one of the simplest: More and more people are paying using plastic. Banking and payment services outfit Discover Financial (NYSE:DFS) has been the poster child for this trend... More 

Markets Are Playing a Global Game of Crisis Whack-a-Mole

Spain, China, oil ... as soon as one crisis recedes from the headlines, another threat to the market and economy boils up. More 

Jobs: The Straw That Stirs the Fed

August's bummer opens the door to QE3, which is just what the market is looking for. But at some point, reality about profits and global weakness will intrude. More 

Is Consumer Spending About to EXPLODE?

A new report shows that, after five years of frugality, consumers are ready to stop pinching pennies and start spending their cash again. More