Refining Stocks

East Coast Drivers Catch a Big Break

A last-minute deal between Sunoco and Carlyle will keep the region's biggest refinery open. And Carlyle says it'll make major upgrades so it can use cheaper WTI. More 

Conoco or Phillips 66: Only One Is a Buy

It has been 25 trading days since ConocoPhillips spun off the refiner. So, is the parent or the spin-off the better investment? More 

Sunoco’s Buyout Could Boost Pump Prices

The deal accelerates a trend that could hit the East Coast especially hard. See what it means for investors -- and consumers. More 

Sunoco in Talks to Transfer Oil Refinery

Sunoco is discussing a joint venture with the Carlyle Group to transfer the operation of its Philadelphia oil refinery for a minority share in the venture. More 

ConocoPhillips’ Happy Divorce

The spin-off of the refining operations is good news for investors. More 

2 New Oil Stocks to Buy

Oil stocks continue to be one of the best ways to hedge your stock portfolio against inflation, and these two new stocks are worth a purchase. More 

Daily Oil News: PetroChina Tops Exxon in Crude Production

The Chinese state-owned energy company PetroChina outpumped Exxon last year -- exceeding its daily production by 100,000 barrels. More