Medical Journal Demands Proof That Tamiflu Works

A British journal, BMJ, is challenging the belief that the popular flu drug, Tamiflu, is any help at all against the yearly threat. More 

Who Has the Best Pharma Pipeline?

A look through Big Pharma's drug pipelines shows a lot of promise across several companies, but one firm stands out as having big-time revenue growth potential. More 

AstraZeneca Steals New CEO From Roche

AstraZeneca has named Pascal Soriot, the chief operating officer of Roche's pharmceutical business, as its new CEO, replacing David Brennan, who left in June. More 

Israel: Beyond the Risk, Opportunities Beckon

When you think of Israel, you probably think of conflict. But it has a strong economy and growing companies if you're willing to be a bit daring. More 

Pharma’s Q2 Earnings Lesson: The Big Picture Looks Good

The promising signs coming out of pharma this quarter doesn't mean you can just pick a stock out of a hat -- but it does mean a few are worth picking. More 

Novartis Wins Approval for Breast Cancer Drug

The FDA has granted approval for Novartis' drug Afinitor to be used as a treatment for breast cancer after it showed promise in clinical trials. More 

Retail Results Spoil the Day — Monday’s IP Market Recap

A disappointing retail report and mixed results for Citigroup's second quarter weighed on markets Monday, though M&A news sparked life into pharma. More