Ron Paul

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Ron Paul TV Channel Launches Online

Former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul officially launched his online TV channel today, charging $9.95/month for broadcasts and interviews. More 

Ron Paul: ‘Our Constitution Has Failed’

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex., used his farewell address to Congress today to lambast the expansion of government. More 

5 Questions for Ben Bernanke

Here's what we'd like to know about the Fed chief's thinking regarding QE3, inflation and more -- including which presidential candidate he plans to vote for. More 

Ron Paul Finished Spending on Campaign

Paul's campaign will no longer spend resources in states that have not voted in the Republican presidential primary yet. More 

Colbert Super PAC Out-Fundraises Ron Paul’s

Comedian Stephen Colbert's Super PAC, meant to satirize Super PACs themselves, has raised more money than a Super PAC supporting Ron Paul's campaign. More 

What Each Vote Cost Romney

The now-presumed nominee spent $18.50 for each vote, and more money overall than Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich combined. More 

Ron Paul Computer Game In the Works

Work has begun on a Super-Mario-Bros.-like video game about the candidate's attempts to end the Federal Reserve. More