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FDA Limits Arsenic in Apple Juice Amid Pressure

The decision to halt the sale of any apple juice containing arsenic in levels greater than 10 parts per billion, the same quantity accepted in water, comes after pressure from groups such as Food and Water Watch and Consumers Union, the latter of which suggested a threshold as low as 3 parts per billion. More 

FDA Investigating Safety of Caffeinated Foods

The expansion of caffeine-added food products now on the market is leading the FDA to begin to study its effects. More 

2 Senators Aim to Rein in Big Banks

A new piece of legislation in the Senate is aimed at ending the big banks being "Too Big to Fail." More 

Should Wall Street Monitor Brokers’ Private Social Media?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority hopes to be able to monitor broker's social meeting postings to protect investors. More 

The ‘Dairy Cliff’: Milk Price Hike Averted

Congress has managed to avert the so-called 'Dairy Cliff' that would have more than doubled the price of a gallon of milk. More 

Domino’s Founder Sues Gov’t Over Contraception Mandate

In a lawsuit filed Friday, Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan challenged the Obama health policy requirement that employer health plans cover birth control. More 

Senate Wants to Make Spouse-Tracking Apps Illegal

The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to place controls on so-called "stalker apps" that allow people to track other's locations. More