Should You Buy the Dow?

Should You Buy the Dow — Microsoft

A dominant brand name, oodles of cash and a dividend. Microsoft isn't just a tech powerhouse -- it's a stock powerhouse. More 

Should You Buy the Dow — Merck

Merck is a strong, old company with a good dividend -- it suits retirement accounts fine, but regular traders might want to keep their distance. More 

Should You Buy the Dow — McDonald’s

Everything about McDonald's is golden -- except its high stock price. It might seem crazy, but until McDonald's value levels out, you might consider selling. More 

Should You Buy the Dow — JPMorgan Chase

Although it may be relatively healthy, JPMorgan Chase, like most financials, battles perceptions about its exposure to risk. More 

Should You Buy the Dow — Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods' storied brands face increased competition and economic pressure, but the company's outlook is still strong. More 

Should You Buy the Dow — Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is protected by a diverse product line and sitting on a heap of cash. But JNJ stock already is on the high side of valuation, making this a tough pick. More 

Should You Buy the Dow — General Electric

GE is a mega-corporation all its own -- and its vast reach, depth, growth and cash hordes make this a fairly safe buy. More