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Zendaya, Jona Xaio Join ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Cast

Zendaya Coleman and Jona Xaio have been cast for unspecified roles in the upcoming 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' movie from Marvel and Sony. More 

PlayStation Now to Become Available on Windows PC

A report was leaked, revealing that Sony will make its PlayStation Now service available for PC. You can even use a PS4 controller to play. More 

PS4 News: 2 New PlayStation 4 Consoles Expected This September

Rumor has it that Sony is preparing to launch two new versions of its PS4 video games console sometime during September. More 

Intel’s Project Alloy: 7 Things to Know About the New VR Headset

Intel has launched Project Alloy, a virtual reality (VR) headset that also offers augmented reality technology. Here are seven things to know about it. More 

PlayStation 4 Update 4.0: Revamped UI and More

The PlayStation 4 update 4.0 includes an improved user interface with new system backgrounds, new popup notifications and a few other changes. More 

Neo Update: Will Sony Debut PlayStation 4.5 on Sept. 7?

The Playstation 4.5 -- or Neo -- will likely be the big reveal of a Sept. 7 event that Sony has planned. Several specs have already been announced. More 

GTA 5 Outage: Why Grand Theft Auto V Was Not Working

A GTA 5 outage occurred this morning due to a group of hackers known as Poodlecorp launching a DDoS attack on Rockstar servers. More