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4 Small-Cap Funds for Big Upside

Investing in small caps can be a risky affair. If you use a fund, though, you get the benefits of expert portfolio management as well as diversification. More 

Too Late to Trade the Russell 2000 Rebalance

Don't try to front-run the Russell 2000 rebalancing. The house is against you ... and besides, the book was closed on this bet a month ago. More 

A Point for the Bulls: Small-Cap Stocks Reclaim Leadership

Small caps are leading once again, dividend stocks aren't being treated as a stand-in for bonds, and risk is acting more like risk. That should come as a relief. More 

Know the Basics About Small-Cap Options

There are few differences between trading options on large-cap stocks and small-cap stocks, but those differences are significant handcuffs. More 

These 3 Small-Caps Are Portfolio Poison

Picking winners is good, but avoiding losers is equally important -- these three smaller issues may kill your returns. More 

Don’t Take a Shot on That Small-Cap Biotech

Investors should think twice before investing in small-cap biotechs. While we tend to remember the ones who make it big, that view is skewed by wishful thinking. More 

The Opportunities & Pitfalls in Global Small-Cap ETFs

Small-cap emerging-market companies will continue to shine in the years to come -- and their non-correlated returns will ultimately benefit your portfolio. More 

Russell 2000: A Little Short-Term Juice Left, But That’s It

The IWM's move higher since November 2012 is extremely steep and likely long in the tooth. It is merely a question of time before the Russell 2000 corrects. More 

Small-Cap Tech Stocks: 2 Winners, 2 Losers So Far in 2013

Small-cap stocks tend to see the sharpest parts of Wall Street's double-edged sword, leading to spectacular winners and enormous flame-outs like these big movers so far in 2013. More 

3 Small-Cap Stocks That Make the Grade

Small-cap stocks are a high-risk, high-reward market segment. But you can amplify the reward and reduce potential risks by focusing on strong fundamentals. More