Stock of the Week

China’s Big Run Is Done

Pundits love to sound off on China, and where it's headed -- luckily we have Portfolio Grader to make sense of the noise. More 

3 Chinese Stocks That Should Best the Rest

Investors are worried about a slower Chinese economy, but there still are investment opportunities to be had in the People's Republic. More 

What’s Next for the Chinese Renminbi, and What It Means for Investors

China has few solutions to its shrinking pool of cheap migrant labor, and one in particular -- massively devaluing its currency again -- is rife with issues. More 

Chinese Large-Caps Still Look Vulnerable

Chinese large-caps -- as measured by the FXI exchange-traded fund -- haven't joined in 2013's broader rally. We explore whether that might change. More 

Don’t Fear a Big Chinese Buyout of American Blue Chips

A Chinese group's massive buyout of pork giant Smithfield Foods isn't necessarily a sign of trouble for America. More 

GE’s Cash Cow Makes a Strong Bull Case

The company is spending money like it has something to prove -- and it does. Many investors are still smarting from the dividend cut in 2009, but the outlook from here looks a lot more rosy. More 

GE Setting Up for Another Summer Bull Run

The slow and steady upward march of General Electric should continue this summer thanks to favorable technicals and the potential for shorts to get sent away. More 

Little Stands in the Way of General Electric

General Electric's steady and orderly stock incline of the past few years can easily continue over the coming months. Here's what the charts have to say. More 

5 Energy Stocks With the T. Boone Pickens Stamp of Approval

T. Boone Pickens is one of the leading -- and outspoken -- authorities on energy, making his BP Capital hedge fund's 13-F a potential treasure trove of investing ideas. More 

Tiffany & Co. Sparkles: 6 Stocks in 60 Seconds

This week's video: Tiffany posts solid earnings thanks in part to its Gatsby collection. Also, find out why FirstEnergy sold off. More