Stock of the Week

Yahoo’s Fire Will Stay Lit: The Ifs, Ands & Buts

Yahoo stock is on the move again after the Tumblr purchase, though I'm hoping to get just enough "pop" in the next few months to hit my sell target. Will I get it? More 

Let Yahoo Take Its Lumps for a Minute

Yahoo looks technically frothy in the short-term, but it is in position to work nicely higher still in the coming years. More 

Search Stocks Are Soaring, Set to Keep Going

Internet names like Google and Qihoo have been outperforming the market lately ... and, believe it or not, their climbs upward should continue. Here's why. More 

Tumblr’s Success Still Comes Down to Karp

If Mayer and Yahoo want to make this deal work, they'll need Tumblr's CEO to remain engaged with a lot of potentially unpalatable changes ... or be ready to replace him. More 

Venture Capital’s Take on Yahoo-Tumblr

Everyon'es been talking about Yahoo's recent purchase of blogging site Tumblr, so we decided to hear what venture capitalist Ned Hill has to say about the deal. More 

Mayer Gives Yahoo a Shot at Not Botching Tumblr

Any worry about Yahoo fumbling the ball with Tumblr is warranted given the tech giant's previous M&A mishandlings. But Marissa Mayer could break the cycle. More 

What Tech Pros Think About Facebook Now

Now that Facebook's IPO is a year behind us, where is the stock going next? Four tech experts give us their perspective. More 

Facebook Stock Has Peaked: The Ifs, Ands & Buts

It might seem a fool's errand to bet against Mark Zuckerberg now that he's shown adaptability, but Facebook probably won't do much more for investors ... at least in the near-term. More 

Facebook Stock Is in No-Man’s Land

A year after its disastrous IPO, Facebook sits in a technical rut that should have long-side investors thinking twice. More 

Should You Buy Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg is getting the hang of monetizing mobile, but Facebook's other problems aren't being addressed as deftly. More