ETFs: A Broken Business Model

The ongoing closure of ETFs is a telltale sign that the business model is broken. Here are some of the reasons why. More 

Why the ETF Market Needs More Players

Three firms control more than 80% of all ETF assets -- that's $1 trillion. And that's not good, at least it's not good for investors. More 

ETF Assets Continue to Grow in July

The latest ETF Snapshot report shows that assets grew month-over-month, reaching a total of $1.2 trillion. More 

Earnings Outyell Bernanke — Tuesday IP Market Recap

Despite non-comments by Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, markets finished the day in the black, led by earnings-driven gains in Coca-Cola, Goldman and others. More 

A State Street-Goldman Sachs Deal?

Hedge fund administration is a low-margin pain for Goldman, but State Street would benefit from added size, so a sale would be a win-win. More 

Income Hunters Buoyed ETF Flows in May

Despite the markets' hemorrhaging in May, massive inflows to fixed-income funds helped ETFs stick around April's record assets. More 

New ETFs Keep Beating the Yield Drum

Last week saw two more gifts to income-oriented investors, in the form of a multi-asset income ETF and a high-yield emerging-market bond fund. More 

PIMCO Alone in the New ETF Spotlight

The giant firm's latest ETF, the PIMCO Global Advantage Inflation-Linked Bond Strategy Fund, focuses on TIPS-like bonds from around the world. More 

10 New ETFs Feature Blends, Bonds and Buffett

A slow month for new funds is ending with a flourish. Just out are a smorgasbord of funds from Van Eck, State Street, BlackRock and more. More 

Vanguard Slashes Dozens of Fund Fees

Vanguard announces lower expense fees for 38 of its mutual funds and ETFs. See what you can get now for less. More