Super PACs

Obama Camp Jabs at Romney’s Top VP Picks

A pro-Barack Obama super PAC is arguing that Mitt Romney's top choices for vice president are all deeply flawed candidates. More 

Million-dollar Donors Account For Most of Super PAC Money

The bulk of donations to super PACs this election have come from donors giving at least $1 million. More 

Can Hollywood Counter GOP Super PACs?

In the wake of Morgan Freeman's $1 million donation to Barack Obama's super PAC, many Democrats are hoping other stars will give big bucks to Obama. More 

Romney Super PAC Raises Record Amount In June

The Mitt Romney-supporting super PAC Restore Our Future raised a record $20 million in June. More 

Obama Says Romney, Super PACs Could Outspend Him

President Barack Obama warned in an e-mail to supporters that unless donor support picked up, he would be outspent by Mitt Romney's campaign and super PACs. More 

Massachusetts Super PAC Misspells State’s Name

A super PAC in Massachusetts had to file an amended Federal Election Commission report to fix its misspelling of the state's name. More 

Casino Magnate Doubles Down On GOP

Sheldon Adelson has reportedly given at least $35 million to GOP-affiliated nonprofit groups, nearly matching his and his family's donations to super PACs. More