Super PACs

Pro-Romney Super PAC Pulls Negative Ads From YouTube

The Pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future has removed all ads attacking Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum from its YouTube account. More 

Colbert Super PAC Out-Fundraises Ron Paul’s

Comedian Stephen Colbert's Super PAC, meant to satirize Super PACs themselves, has raised more money than a Super PAC supporting Ron Paul's campaign. More 

Is New GOP Super PAC A Scam?

A Super PAC claiming to support conservative politicians in Congress has drawn fire from those same Congressman for allegedly misleading web sites. More 

Hybrid PACs: More Super than Super PACs?

More super than Super PACs, this new type of PAC can be used to raise funds directly and indirectly for candidates, as long as ... More 

Obama Changes Mind on Super PACs

Obama has decided to allow an Obama-aligned Super PAC, Priorities USA, to support his re-election campaign with unlimited funds. More 

Who’s Funding Romney’s Super PAC?

Reports filed yesterday give the public a glimpse at the people -- and companies -- funding Romney's Super PAC. More 

Colbert’s Super PAC Rakes In Serious Cash

Stephen Colbert may not have actually been running for president, but his Super PAC has still raked in over $1 million in donations. More