Tablet Computers

Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6 to Feature Quad-Core A8 Chip From TSMC

Apple to use quad-core A8 chips in iPhone 6; Apple to deliver full-screen video ad to iPads; and Tesla curiously absent from CarPlay. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple Hires in Asia to Accelerate Product Debuts

Apple is hiring engineers in China to speed up product development; CFO Peter Oppenheimer to retire; and Apple most desired brand in emerging markets. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Releases Security Flaw Patch for Macs

Apple has issued a patch to fix a security vulnerability in OS X; iPad Air named "Best Mobile Tablet;" and Apple officially appeals price-fixing ruling. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: Experts Identify Second iOS Security Flaw

FireEye says it has found another security flaw in iOS; Apple asks Arizona governor to veto controversial bill; and Steve Jobs sculpture unveiled. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: Macs Outpace PCs by Largest Margin in 5 Years

Apple's Macs topped PC sales again during the holidays; the iPhone 5c may have been tripped by its advertising; and Apple expands N.C. data center. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iWatch to Feature Flexible AMOLED Display

Apple will adopt a flexible AMOLED screen for its upcoming iWatch; Microsoft Office coming for the iPad; and iPhone sales surge in Russia. More 

Tuesday Apple Rumors: 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Not Likely to Launch This Year

Apple probably won't introduce a 12.9-inch iPad until next year; Apple said to be looking at another start-up buy; and Brazil's first Apple Store opens. More