World’s First Barbie Restaurant Opens

A restaurant built around Mattel's Barbie dolls has opened in Taiwan, joining a Hello Kitty-themed cafe in the capital city. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Foxconn Testing 46 to 55-Inch iTVs

Foxconn is testing Apple TV prototypes with up to 55-inch screens; Apple talks with Foursquare about maps data; and states vie for plant to make Apple chips. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: TSM Rejects Investment Offer

Apple investment offer rejected by Taiwanese chip maker; Genius Bar online support available in some countries; and Apple Store problems come from Tim Cook. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPads Get More Display Space

Apple has told retailers to add more iPad display space in stores; China Telecom boosts subscribers with iPhone 4S; and Foxconn works to boost employee safety. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone Could Boost China Mobile 3G Use

An analyst says China Mobile needs the iPhone; the iPad's effect on notebook sales is slowing: and Apple's App Store spreads to 32 more countries. More 

Datamonitor: Top 10 Global Wealth Markets

Datamonitor's 2012 global wealth market report shows the U.S. as the largest wealth market, followed by China, with India and Brazil rising and Europe sinking. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple May Offer iPad Refund

Apple has openly discussed offering refunds to dissatisfied Australian purchasers -- who complain of incompatibility with the country's 4G networks. More