This Country Wants a 20% Soda Tax

British researchers say that a 20% tax on sales of sugary soda could reduce the number of obese people in the U.K. by 1.3%. More 

India Demands IBM Pay Up $865M in Unpaid Taxes

IBM is facing an $865 million bill from India's tax authorities, who claim that the tech giant severely under-reported earnings there in 2009. More 

IRS: Tax Season Will Be Delayed Due to Shutdown

Fallout from the government shutdown will delay the processing of tax returns from early filers, the IRS says. More 

Swiss Bank Blames U.S. for Closure

A private bank in Switzerland is closing its doors due to increased regulations after a tax probe by U.S. authorities. More 

Muni Bonds’ Appeal Has Just Gotten Broader

Municipal bonds now offer extremely attractive after-tax yields even for those in the 25% and 28% tax brackets. How will this impact the outlook for munis? More 

House GOP Members Planning Blitz of IRS-Related Bills

Inspired by the IRS' scrutiny of tax-exempt political groups linked to the Tea Party, House GOP members are rolling out bills opposed to government abuse. More 

Tax-Free Weekends 2013: Where, When & What

States around the country will offer sales tax free weekends next month, eliminating taxes on certain items with restrictions. More