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How Bad Weather Affects the Stock Market

How bad weather affects daily stock market performance: What can individual investors learn from the stock market's tendency to underperform on cloudy days? More 

Paper Trading – Draft Your Fantasy Portfolio

If you want to practice picking stocks, paper trading is a great way to start without the risk of losing actual money. More 

Even Long-Term Investors Need to Understand High-Frequency Trading

If you're a small-league investor, you'd do well to avoid tangling with the heavyweights. Find out why. More 

VIDEO: Getting Started in Technical Analysis

Jon Markman, editor of the Trader's Advantage newsletter, explains the "why" and "how" of analyzing charts for young investors interested in technical analysis. More 

5 Stupid Wall Street Sayings

There's never a shortage of tips and advice on how to trade, but not everything Wall Street says is actually helpful. Some of it is downright stupid. More 

The #1 Trading Strategy for Today’s Market

The #1 Trading Strategy for Today is investment ideas based on your style of trading. Read more to learn about strategies that can help you in the market More 

Is Day Trading Really for Suckers?

Day trading is much harder than hucksters would have you believe, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't learn some of the baby steps to get there. More 

A How-To with Great Advice: ‘Trading: The Best of the Best’

Blogger Brian Lund's new book Trading: Best of the Best is chock full of tips and insights on trading, a nice change of pace from "how to" books on the shelves More 

What You Can Learn From the Demise of Jesse Livermore

Famous 1920s speculator Jesse Livermore is long gone, but a key lesson from his life remains: winning and losing are worth nothing outside of the game. More 

VIX Unusually Tame after Bernanke Statement

As the S&P 500 reaches new highs today after Bernanke's comments allayed the "taper tantrum," traders who rely on volatility are probably wondering what's happened to their summer, usually a time for erratic moves. More